Sunday, March 8, 2009

クラスリツェ Kraslice

"What kind of lice?"

No. Don't go there. 

Someone with more knowledge than I can correct me, but I think the word is pronounced krahs-LEE-tsyeh.

Czech Easter eggs to you and me. 

I want to do an event based on these, you know, for those people with some patience and skill with pins and wax. 

The photos are from a trial run-through I did earlier this week with my supe and some other coworkers. They were surprised at how long it takes to blow out the egg, and to make a design on the egg shell with wax. Granted, we didn't have any of those handy flat-headed pins about, so ball-headed pins, needles, and sharp poke-y objects were all experimented with.  It's my humble opinion that we will need to track down some flat-headed pins. 

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