Tuesday, March 10, 2009

gearing up

Some good news:  I seem to be becoming slightly more productive recently.  Today, I translated some stuff, visited a school, translated some more stuff, prepared, and taught two hours of English conversation. During my downtime I read from an amazing book called 『これだけBOOK    英語より敬語!』Hurrah! 

I am preparing to change my international driver's permit over into a Japanese driver's license, and the procedure is going to be long and costly, as well as bothersome and inconvenient.  But, if I don't get it switched, I won't be able to legally drive here, and that would be a real wrench in the works. So please pray that I pass all the tests and hurdles as quickly and cheaply as possible. :)

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Sue said...

Hi there! I enjoyed reading your blog. I got my Japanese license a few years ago, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Amazingly I passed on the first try. I had a dear friend that had such a hard time passing (I think she finally got it on the fifth try), and afterwards she was passionate about giving tips to others about to go through the ordeal. She helped me by teaching me all of those little things they are looking for -- and are so very picky about. Then I practiced driving just as I would need to do on the test as I drove around town. That helped so much. If you know anyone in real life that has passed successfully, I highly recommend asking them to give you some pointers. Best wishes!