Monday, March 9, 2009

back down to earth

It was sunny for a brief while this weekend. Now we're back to cold, clouds, and rain. 

Still, every morning, a bird with the most beautiful voice holds court outside my window. Can't see him, but he sounds like a bit of golden sunshine melted into liquid sound.

And somehow that reminds me of the tune that went with this phrase... "Yellow bird, up high in banana tree..."  It's not actually a very happy song, but I was happy listening to it as a child. 

"Before the parade passes by,
I've got to get some life back into my life!"

I felt like singing all day! It's very pleasant to be bubbling over with music inside, but a bit awkward when you have to keep very quiet and serious for the benefit of the office or citizens on the street. Not everyone can appreciate a broadly belted-out Broadway number, after all! 

If only I knew how to tap dance, I'd have to worry about restraining my feet as well as my voice. But I have to admit, what with the persistently nasty weather, the idea of dancing down the street with an umbrella singing "Singin' in the Rain" is awfully, awfully tempting anyway. 

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