Friday, March 20, 2009


Avocado growers around the world are sitting on a potential gold mine, methinks. 

So I read about how you can substitute avocados for whipping cream in some recipes, and decided to try it out. This is, by the way, part of the planning stage in a dastardly plot for one-of-a-kind desserts come Easter. I don't have a lamb cake mold, and even if I did, it probably wouldn't fit in my oven. Therefore-! cupcakes. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

What I wanted to try with the avocados was...

Chocolate Mousse!

Went out and got a couple at the store; lamentably, every shopper for the last week must have been squeezing the avocados. Nevertheless, I managed to find some fairly good ones and hie me home. 

Next, I  set out these simple ingredients next to my blender (which at 1200 yen was a steal,   although, I have to say, the machine is simplistic-- only an "off" and "on" setting). 

Cocoa powder
Agave syrup

I blended the green guys first.

Then I added a heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder and a couple teaspoons of agave. Blend away.
Then I got inspired to add a banana I had on the counter. 
When I had it in the bowl I decided to mix in a half teaspoonful of instant coffee.
My final addition was a teaspoon of hazelnut syrup. 


In making this, I thought along the lines of some of Sr. Mary Martha's recent advice, and concluded that if it didn't turn out, it would be a nice penitential food. As it is, I have some good data for my cupcake plot, and a bowl of banana-mocha mousse freezing in the icebox. 

What's one of the best things about it?  No soy!! Plus, simple ingredients. If I didn't happen to have agave syrup, I'd just go with maple syrup or maybe powdered sugar. If your blender isn't as sketchy as mine, I guess you could use dates or some other sort of naturally-sweetening fruit. 

I wonder if this was in that book about sneaking vegetables into your kids' food... it was a hot, hot seller back in fall/winter '07.  

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