Monday, March 23, 2009

A fluke?

Last Thursday was the day before a national holiday, so some people at work put together a bowling-and-dinner night "out on the town." Now, I signed up as quickly as the next person, but with considerable trepidation, since I'm no great shakes at bowling. Actually, that's an understatement. I absolutely lose at bowling, and it's not even a winning-losing game. I think my average score is somewhere under 20. 

You get the point. Jasmine Tea is bad at bowling but needed to be part of the group and go out with everyone on Thursday night. 

Well, would you believe I bowled something like 122 my first game??? It was like a parallel universe where suddenly that wretched ball was going where I wanted it to go. 

Then, of course, the score and all the people turning around to watch went to my head and I decided to try harder next game. Scraped a 60. 

Maybe the key to this whole bowling thing is not trying very hard. 

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