Saturday, May 23, 2009


Fr. Philip recently reports that the administration states its goal is not to "reduce the number" of abortions, but to "reduce the need." Oh ho. It's not surprising to anyone who knows the president's record, but just see how, between the words "numbers" and "need," there is a clear shift from statistically measurable data into vague and unmeasurable ideas. Hence, no one can ever definitively accuse the administration of not accomplishing this goal. Non-goal. 

There are a lot of people upset about abortion, but there are not yet enough people upset enough. Word-smithy like "reduce the need" only furthers torpor and complacence.

Prolifers know exactly how abolitionists felt. 

Pray for an end to abortion and for the conversion of people's hearts and minds to life and love. Be prudent, but please don't mistake prudence for clamming up whenever your friends or colleagues raise the issue. I've got to work on this just as much as the next guy, unfortunately.

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