Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Basket Matsuri

It's the beginning of another week. This last one was pretty crazy; between frenzied talks of canceling the summer international exchange program, apologetic and heated e-mails being exchanged between the sister cities, last-minute recruiting for my end-of-spring event, the first intermediate eikaiwa of the season, and a new preschool to visit, I was almost wiped out before Friday. On Friday, I had to get everything together for the May Basket Matsuri.  I was exhausted, but really excited, because suddenly another three families had decided to come, raising the participant numbers to 30!

Since by necessity the event fell at the end of May, we decided to make it an end-of-spring party incorporating a few notable traditions. We decorated Easter eggs, made May Day baskets, skipped around a May Pole, and went on a plastic egg hunt. With some time to spare, the event wrapped up with duck-duck-goose outside in the sunshine. 

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Anonymous said...

So what happened with the exchange program? Did it get cancelled? Are the sister cities speaking with each other again? Inquiring minds want to know!