Thursday, May 28, 2009

5月病 May Sickness

Go-gatsu-byou is the Japanese term for getting completely sick and tired, mentally (and sometimes physically), in May. New hires and transfers came in April, and by now everyone's adjusted just enough that they're tired of the whole situation. Also, Golden Week is over and there's no hope of another renkyuu (3-day weekend) until July 20th. Spring is swiftly passing into the rainy season. 

I'd scoffed when I first came across this in a newsletter article my predecessor wrote. I'll never get that, I thought. Maybe I haven't, and maybe I won't. But there's no denying that my fragile equilibrium has broken down in the depths of melancholy and depression for some weeks. At first I thought it was just an annoying someone I have to deal with every day. Then I noticed myself getting more despondent and next, irrational and irritable. Everything was getting on my nerves. I disliked the whole country and this town most of all, but the US didn't seem much better. I felt like I'd wasted years of study just to come to some poky little town and go crazy. 

But thankfully, it's impossible to keep one emotion going constantly forever, and little by little I'm starting to get back up and see the silver linings again.    
Time to keep going, again.

A bowl on my head,
Some kind of cardboard armour--
Almost a year now.

Write your own original haiku in the combox. 
What are you waiting for? (];^)


William said...

How big was that centipede? How about a "tanka" instead of a haiku? Wait, I forgot how many lines there are. I'm done with Mrs. Stanisha! Tomorrow is the last day of 8th grade.

jasmine tea said...

Tanka is 5-7-5-7-7 for a total of 31 syllables. But you didn't write one!!

The centipede was about five inches long, I think.

I miss Mrs. Stanisha so much sometimes; she is one fantastic old-school English teacher, a dying breed. Who will lead the next generation of English classes in rousing choruses of The Prepositions and Adverbial Clauses, not to mention in diagramming sentences about chocolate icing. I always remembered that one.


Mom said...

Hey! I noticed your new "Would it kill ya to comment?" thing- where'd you get that?

Here's my haiku:

Scared to death to fly,
Must pack up six suitcases -
Least of my worries.

and, a bonus tanka for good measure:

School's out for summer.
Must keep kiddos entertained.
Give them a dust rag -
Start dusting competition
Will my house ever be clean?

I think we should always comment this way from now on.

P.S. - Wm. sprained his ankle at the field day festivities, so he hasn't been back here to re-comment. Also, something's up with iChat. Doesn't seem to be working.