Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Hunt!

... for Gollum. Some talented fans have put together a project based on the story of Aragorn's hunt for Gollum between Bilbo's farewell feast and Frodo's 50th birthday. 

Their non-profit, made-for-online movie is viewable at Daily Motion here: The Hunt for Gollum

It's about half an hour, so set some time aside and give it a viewing, won't you? 

There was a (relatively) short, thought-provoking discussion over at Fr. Z's blog concerning the books and the movies; a lot of people seem to love the books but to have disliked the movies for character assassination and too much attention to special effects. I've only ever run into people who either liked both the books and the movies, or neither.

I have to admit, though, that there is a noticeable 'reluctant king' figure set up in Peter Jackson's trilogy that was not in Tolkien's writing. To me, it was just a bit jarring, but I could live with Aragorn's reluctance in Fellowship after seeing his leadership in Return. It's probably also a credit to Viggo Mortensen. When the same mopey figure reappeared, however, in Disney's Narnia series and the portrayal of Peter (the High King), it just seemed graceless and ill-considered. 

Anyway, go watch The Hunt for Gollum! 

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