Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baking Day

Yum. A lovely, soft, freeform rosemary focaccia bread fresh from the oven. It's half whole wheat bread flour, which is a lot more than I've ever found in storebought breads here. (Thanks for the inspiration, Sue!) 

As long as I had the oven going, I thought I'd whip up some brownies.... mmmm.
Wish you were here!


abhi said...

yummy !!!!!!

Sue said...

I wish I were there, too! I haven't made focaccia in a while - must remedy that. Your brownies made my mouth water. I have been trying to hold of baking too much this week with Bouncer having the stomach virus. Baking goodies while he's moaning in his bed would be a bit cruel!

Anonymous said...

The rosemary bread looks good JT. If you can get Kalamata olives there, you can knead in a handful of them, pitted and chopped, before the final rise (in addition to the rosemary.)
Grandpa does it and it's also really good