Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a spring picnic of sorts


Went to a lovely spring lunch down towards the sea today. Except for the bees buzzing about in the plethora of flowers in the garden around us, and the wind blowing out the birthday candles every time K tried to light them, it was an ideal day for it. 

There was salad with tomatoes and boiled eggs, burdock salad with mayonnaise, potato salad with a mentai kick, fresh-squeezed kiyomi mandarin juice and mandarin wedges, two kinds of onigiri (rice balls, actually triangles), a seafood omelette, mushroom soup, a chicken-mushroom stew, and afterwards-- oh, one's poor stomach-- homemade cheesecake with two interesting sides. One was cut fruit and nata de coco in whipped cream, the other was kastera (pound cake) processed very finely into ice cream. 

Let me know if you are ever in the neighborhood, and I will direct you to the wonderful chefs.


Alyssa said...

あぁぁ!全部はおいしそうだよ!Gosh that picnic looks lovely! I hope you are still enjoying your time in Japan! I am planning on applying for the JET prog. this December. Who knows, maybe I will be joining you next July..hehe! Anyway, I miss you hun, and I really enjoy reading your entries, and looking at your pictures! Take Care!

Anonymous said...