Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Driver's Licensee!!!

Thanks to the Lord, a lot of practice, and probably the huge numbers of high school students currently out to get licensed, my friend A and I passed our road test yesterday morning and are now the proud holders of Japanese driver's licenses!!!!!!!

It was rough going, though. I must have spent more than ten hours in that practice car, saying ドアよし、シートよし、ベルトよし、ルームミラーよし、左ミラーよし、右ミラーよし、ギアよし、ブレーキよし、エンジンよし...左後方よし、右後方よし and all the rest of it. I could drive that course in my sleep. And I was a bundle of nerves for the test, when a police officer came and called us up, told us which car to get into, and sat quietly making a few notes while we drove the course. 

This is just a parting shot of the course where we spent so much time (and yen!). But I'm really thankful I had a foreign license, because starting from scratch in a Japanese driver's school can run you $3000 pretty easily. 


Sue said...

Congratulations!!! Doesn't that feel great?! I remember feeling so victorious, and relieved. I am happy for you.

Jasmine T's Mom said...

Good work, Jas! And today your brother G got his DL on the first try, too. I know it's a load off your mind. Good to see you cheerful again on iChat!