Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh, how I enjoy Saturdays!

It's not just being able to sleep in, although as someone who really despises early rising it is a big bonus. 

On Saturdays, I clean. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Now, JT, you live by your onesie and don't have any little kiddies running around causing havoc; what could you possibly do all week to merit a day of cleaning each Saturday? The answer is... I don't know. Somehow things get tossed about and move from their proper places, dust and crumbs and things accumulate on the edges of the floor, and the laundry piles up. 

I don't have a set routine yet, but I might start with a load of laundry, then move to the kitchen to get caught up on the dishes, wipe down the countertops and stove, floors, and go through the refrigerator to thin out anything past its due date or getting overripe. Then it's time to put all the dishes away and hang up the hot mitts. 

Check all the drains and clean up accumulated mold... eewww... but it has to be done.

Sweep. Vacuum. Vacuum tatami, which is a little bit time-consuming, especially going under furniture. But if you don't vacuum that tatami, you get tatami mites. Then, spiders come to eat the mites, and then mukade come to eat the spiders. So, you see, frequent vacuuming is informal insurance against marauding beasts with too many legs. 

Clear up the clutter, tie up the trash, put the books back on their shelves-- and organize the egg-decorating-tool explosion on my table. Do other laundry loads in the meantime.

Ahhhhh, one feels so much better, and there's still some daylight left for reading or praying or taking a walk. 

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Sue said...

Good job! That does feel nice, doesn't it? Having a child with tatami mite allergies has kept me from getting to the centipede stage, thankfully!