Sunday, November 6, 2011

more revels in rhyming

Everyone Wants

"Everyone wants" a home of her own,
Green grass in the suburbs, her personal throne,
But do I now, really? There's a new thought.

"Everyone wants" a good job with a raise,
Or even a bad one, as long as it pays
Something. What is it exactly, the job that I want?

"Everyone wants" to get married quite young
To the love of their lives, raise a daughter and son.
But how old is young? Is love chosen or destined?

"Everyone wants" this country to change,
More jobs, and more gas, and more cash in the bank.
Which plans really work? I never have questioned.

Maybe I don't want a box from the shelf
Maybe I don't want a cage for the self
Maybe I think I'll find love my own way
Maybe I think about more than I say

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