Sunday, November 13, 2011

do something

Today's homily was based on the same Gospel reading I analyzed here a few weeks ago, the one about the talents. I gained a new insight on it, though: in the Christian life, it isn't enough to just "not sin." That could be comparable to the third servant's burial of the one talent. He isn't doing anything wrong, per se. But it is expected of us to multiply the gifts and the grace that we're given. We have to be active. Jesus multiplied the loaves and the fishes, resulting in a meal for a staggering number of people. But what did He need to do that? A small boy giving up his food. The point is not to worry about the magnitude of our actions as much as the question of whether we are in fact acting at all. If you multiply nothing by a million, it's still nothing. Multiply one by the same number, and bam-- small actions have astronomical repercussions.

Life is supposed to be abundant, exciting, adventurous. Make it happen.

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