Friday, October 21, 2011

Fort Worth

Few of the areas I've visited over my short career as a conference-goer offer the high level of order and convenience found in Sundance Square and the Renaissance Worthington in particular. With the exception of a Japanese-style convenience store or grocery, it seemed like anything one could wish for was within walking distance. I was struck by the subtle strangeness of yet another state in the Union; a strangeness which found expression in the well-laid streets and architecture as well as in the occasional 'Western' element-- such as one small museum, nestled among the restaurants and shops, showcasing the paintings of Frederic Remington and Charles Russell.

Best of all, the weather and the temperature were consistently favorable. It was a bit beyond me why the hotel and shops persisted in air conditioning when the natural temperature was perfect, but I did sometimes flee the cold interiors for a bask in the outdoor sunshine.

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Kevin Grimstad said...

Texas businesses tend to have AC on until it really starts not being warm. This is probably out of habit for (where I live) the Dallas-Fort Worth area had 70+ days of highs in the 100's this summer.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope Texas left a decent impression on you.