Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's been quite some time, but I've been, in various ways, digging out from under piles of stuff. I've also been pursuing a number of job opportunities, but so far I haven't succeeded in catching any of them, which is frustrating and preventing me from posting regularly. Still, I've been telling myself (and my mom has been telling me, too) that I'll just find something better.

I suppose it's time to start casting a wider net.

Since, in the US anyway, this is Labor Day weekend, there isn't much I can do to further the job-hunt-- but I will use the time to regroup and rethink versions of my resume. I know that the economy is bad and that many people have been out of work for years now, but I have a feeling that the longer one stays unemployed, the harder it becomes to get employed again. Therefore, now is the time for an energetic and thorough approach.

Meanwhile, I aim to see if I can get any work as a freelance translator. Fitness is still an option, too. I'll have to make myself a timeline and research group ex certification.

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Kevin said...

If anyone has the stick-to-itevness to find a rockin' job in this rotten economy it'd be you. Best wishes and rock on.