Monday, July 4, 2011

little dorrit

I watched the miniseries (Little Dorrit) this past weekend. This shot, which has been my wallpaper for the last couple months, seems like it could be a portal into that Dickensian universe.

Great frivolous waste of a weekend, you might say. Well, maybe so, but I submit that we can always profit from gentle reminders about things like the flaws in our own characters and how well off we generally are today. Despite impending unemployment, I at least will have no reason to be thrown in a debtors' prison like the Marshalsea. The story had a most interesting angle on the effect of environment on identity, too. How I should like to discuss it with someone!

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Kevin said...

Any weekend that leads one to deep thought and feeling refreshed is not a "wasted weekend". Keep up your intellectual stimulation and may your future unemployment be only a temporary matter. Keep on rocking :D