Sunday, July 31, 2011

Glory Bound

It's my very last night in Ikata.

I can hardly feel anything right now-
the fact that I'm leaving in seven and a half hours
a place that has, through good times and bad,
become home to me
is laying heavy on me like a death sentence.

But I know
things will get better,
I'll get used to a new way of life,
and the pain of separation will fade
though my memories will not.
I'll be whole.


Sue said...

I have been thinking of you all week. My prayers go with you, and I'm counting on you to continue blogging so that I can follow you in your next adventure!

jasmine tea said...

Thank you, Sue!
I guess it's a good thing that I'll be awfully busy for a couple of weeks as a volunteer interpreter... but that means blogging will be light for a while, too! (Check the Flying Mikan for better updates. :)
Keep praying for me, please!