Monday, May 30, 2011


I went to Tottori, Tottori Prefecture this weekend, and it absolutely took all the time and energy I had. It also rained all day Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately; it's hard to appreciate a new city when wind and cold rain make it difficult to walk around and enjoy the place.

In fact, the rain was part of a typhoon that, apparently, really picked up Sunday afternoon back where I live in Shikoku, and I almost didn't make it home. JR announced that it was limiting train service to Kagawa, but instead of staying the night in Okayama, I decided to take the train as far as it would take me. In the end that was the right decision, since the typhoon was steadily abating, and by the time we got to Kojima, the conductor announced that we would be going all the way to Matsuyama, after all.

The cheer that went up through my car reminded me of the celebration in Star Wars: A New Hope when Luke, Han, Leia and Chewie are saved from certain death in the garbage chute. I guess I wasn't the only one who got on board feeling apprehensive about a night in Kagawa, and hoping against hope that it would turn out all right!

The reason I went to Tottori was not for its famous sand dunes, alack, but for a job interview-and-exam at the capitol. My initial feeling was that it was brutal, and all the other applicants were much better qualified than I, but I'm still glad I went and gave it my best shot.

Because of space considerations I couldn't bring any larger camera than the one in my cell phone; otherwise I would have liked to show you the church in Tottori. It's much bigger than the one I go to here, and it has a lovely woodwork floor. The people were incredibly friendly, and if I do get the opportunity to live and work in Tottori, I would make that decision based on the wonderful impression they made on me.

After my interview I had a brief hour before boarding the train, so I treated myself to a melon soda float with my early dinner. Yum!!!


Kevin said...
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Sue said...

Wow! You were out in that mess?! Glad you were able to make it all the way back home. Let us know what comes of the job. You are a brave lady!

jasmine tea said...

The notice came in today; I didn't get an offer.

Oh well!

One of the nice folks from Tottori Catholic Church found my work phone number online and called me up on Thursday to ask how things had gone. I wish I could go back there and film some of those people's stories. They were so outgoing!