Wednesday, May 11, 2011

me and my pocket fulla dreams

(from post production on the commercial that won 4th place at this year's Ehime Asahi TV competition)


Kevin Grimstad said...

Does this mean you are a minor celebrity in Japan? If not, I guess you'll have to wait until you conquer the cubicle. Good luck job hunting.

Sue said...

Hey! I want to see the whole commercial! Will we be seeing it over this way, I wonder?

jasmine tea said...

I like to think I have the makings of a minor celebrity.... but no! This commercial is only being broadcast in Ehime. Though, I *am* in possession of a dvd copy. ;)

jasmine tea said...

Somehow two comments were lost here...hmm.

Anyway, nope! Not a celebrity of any hue, just a regular gal with a pocket fulla dreams, my friend.

Kevin said... Keep on keeping on.