Sunday, February 28, 2010

some eggs

Alas, I ran out of time and daylight this week, but these are the first three pysanky I completed.

One, unfortunately, jumped out of my fingers after about an hour of work and broke into two pieces on the floor. The lesson learned? Don't even think about --literally, don't think about it-- rushing pysanky. You must relax, and let everything else go.

My camera is out of battery power and this is all it will do. Non-flash just made everything blurry; flash is clearer, but makes a glare on the eggs and washes out some of the details. I'll try to post some better photos next week!


Sue said...

Those are so beautiful! I can't even imagine having the patience at this point in my life to try that (not to mention the lack of a safe spot to work with eggs in our little, crowded apartment!). I'm so glad that I can enjoy looking at yours for now.

Mom said...

"Illuminated manuscripts" come to mind...