Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Day... *heart*

Hey, hey! I hope y'all had a spiffy Valentine's Day. I did... this month Masses are switched to the evening (while Masses in a city hours south of here get switched to the morning), so I slept in until 9! Then I kicked myself and started cleaning the apartment. It's amazing how dusty floors get, how much dishes can pile up, and how much laundry there is to do at the end of a week. And that's only with one person. I think it's a good thing families grow slowly, at a natural pace. Otherwise I don't think the poor parents, or at least parents who are neat-freaks, could handle it.

Well, I made something chocolate, in a way for Valentine's Day, but more for myself and the fact that I haven't had some good chocolate cake with lip-smackingly good frosting in a long time. I just happened to also share some of the goodness with people around me.

Fairy cakes.


Sounds so much more magical than "cupcakes," which is already quite a lovely word.

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Sue said...

You are so right about the families growing slowly thing. Your fairy cake looks fabuloso!