Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a trend

Do you sense a trend with the blog these days? Nahhhh...

I made the cauliflower soup and whiskey-glazed carrots from Pioneer Woman's blog tonight! No, I'm not systematically working my way through all her recipes, but I am planning to feature these two dishes in a cooking class later this month, so I figured it would be best to have some direct experience with the pots and pans and white sauce (which took longer than I'd imagined to thicken).

Also, the cold has been making itself felt more than ever, and it's a good motivator. Since summer I just haven't felt like cooking or baking anything, so everything I do make is an accomplishment of sorts.

I am just hoping, with regard to the soup, that the supermarket has enough good heads of cauliflower when we go to buy the ingredients. I stopped there on Saturday, and the four saran-wrapped parts of cauliflower they had were a bit too mushy for my peace of mind. The other night, though, they had more and fresher vegetables, though it was the middle of the week. Anyone know why they would leave the broccoli out in the open air, but saran-wrap the cauliflower?


A big, big thank you to my wonderful family and my awesome aunt and uncle for sending me, the chocolate monster, sweet sweet chocolate for my birthday! :) It won't be long in this world, I say!

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Anonymous said...

I've always heard you should store cauliflower in a plastic bag. Nothing about saran wrap.