Thursday, November 12, 2009

home again, home again

I'm back in my regular digs!

I was lucky enough to meet two wonderful bloggers up in the big city, Catholic in Japan and Sue from Living and Learning. I must add that Sue makes the most delicious cranberry-chocolate cookies I've ever tasted (was there oatmeal in there, too?), and it is partly to them that I attribute my recovery. (Had a run-in with a stomach bug, food poisoning, or who-knows-what over the weekend, but it cleared up by Tuesday.)

Oddly enough, the trip to Tokyo seems to have taken a terrific chomp out of my energy reserves, and I'm absolutely exhausted. Today, time seemed to flow around me in eddying streams. This is rather worrying, since I need to lead an aerobics class on Saturday morning, and what with one thing and another, I haven't yet been able to nail down the details.

However, perseverance is a virtue! And I picked up some medicine from the drugstore; I hope it works.

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Sue said...

Yes, there was oatmeal - pecans and coconut, too. So glad you enjoyed them, and glad you made it home safely. I'm praying that you will be feeling back to normal soon!