Saturday, October 24, 2009

two words

Chicken. Soup.

There was a time when I thought I'd never make this. It turned out so lovely and warming, though. Fresh parsley and sage, lots of ginger, lots of garlic, lots of chicken, and carrot, celery, turnip, leek, and onion. Also, a dash of salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper for luck. :)

Thanks for the idea, Mom!!!


Sue said...

That sounds wonderful. I hope this doesn't mean you are sick, though?!

Mom said...

Sorry you had to drag yourself out to get the chicken, etc.... looks like it turned out great (yum!) Hope this does you more good than your trip to the Dr., and that you're feeling better. Rest, rest, rest.

Gramma said...

Looks great! A bowl of that soup should cure anything. It also freezes well if you have leftovers, so, if you can, stash some away for emergency use.

William said...

Hey! Hope you are better by now. We had to get soup from Byerly's for Mrs. KJ when she was sick, before they moved. I think it worked.