Thursday, October 15, 2009

the event

The busy hour before the event... I have a clown hat in my hand, for some reason, and we're checking all the rooms to make sure they're laid out properly.

During the preliminary explanation, I asked the kids what to call this large, orange pumpkin (one of those we got on the memorable day of the flat tire)..... do-te-ka-bo-cha! No one was actually brave enough to carve this one, though.

Staff was stretched pretty thin, but I loved my group of little kids. Here we are trying to come up with pictures to carve into our pumpkin. They had the cutest ideas!

I did convince them to try just reaching in and grabbing a handful of pumpkin guts, but these kids were pretty neat. They mostly used spoons. It slowed us down, but hey, we weren't in a race with the older kids (were we?). ;)

The pumpkins the kids came up with! The one on the top right is supposed to be a kabuto-mushi (a type of large beetle some kids keep as pets).

Happy Halloween! Mwa-hahaha-hahaha-ha....


Sue said...

Very cute pumpkins! I also love your dress. Did you make that yourself?

jasmine tea said...

Thank you!

Yes, my sister and I both made similar "elf"/medieval dresses in 2003. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - I have to second the compliment about the dress it is very beautiful! I got your blog link from your dad. I am looking forward to seeing you when you come home for Christmas! I hope you are feeling better now!
Michaela M.