Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Breaking through

It was one of those days. The morning went well, but the afternoon tanked; I couldn't get a thing done. My whole being was desperate for distraction, and anything would do. Later on, I found out that my average word count per day last month was unusually low. I'm at the point where that sort of information is only fueling a temptation to give up, rather than work even longer hours than I already do. The problem is that my long working day is not as productive as it should be, because I am depressed about low word count yields for my files, and feel like the whole thing is pointless because I always seem to be merely digging myself out of word count deficits. Of course, it's a vicious cycle. I have to pull out of it somehow.

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JohnnyInJapan2012 said...

I firmly believe we are presented with the kinds and amounts of challenges in our lives that we have sufficient resources and ingenuity to deal with. Do your best and know that, of course and by all means, you will overcome!