Friday, January 27, 2012

busy, busy, busy

I drank the last of my Miss Elizabeth tea from Bingley's Teas today. I will have to look into getting something new for my black tea category! It's exciting. The choices are boundless over there. Go check it out if you are in the market for some quality tea leaves!

Other quick notes...

-I like Ron Paul because he is consistent and he is serious about limiting government. He is the only one who stands apart from the other candidates and indeed politicians in general. Although his approach to Roe v. Wade is to have the states decide the issue for themselves, which some folks dislike, I think it is an eminently more practicable solution. Besides, for 40 years pro-lifers have been voting Republicans into office because they were "pro-life" or at least "sort of" pro-life or maybe just "not as" pro-abortion as the Democrat offering. None of those politicians have done any good. Rather than vote for someone who says he'll carry on the same old battle with the same old minimal results (ultimately), I'd like to go with Ron Paul on this.

-Additionally with regards to Ron Paul, his foreign policy is right on the money. Why are we in Germany, South Korea, Japan, and these other countries? Global security? But who made the U.S. the world's police force? We need to stop singing about putting 'a boot in yer ass cuz it's the American way' and get our own house in order.

-People need to stop slinging labels on people of differing political persuasions and start engaging the ideas that they find offensive. What do you think? Based on my observations in social media, it seems that Democrats have decided to simply label all Republicans as certifiable lunatics, which is escalating this dangerous problem. If we can't engage each other's opinions and ideas charitably, then our country will degenerate into a land of petty squabblers-- if not blatant discrimination, violence, intimidation, etc. While such human rights violations are perpetrated in other countries on the basis of race or religion, here they may be perpetrated on the basis of political affiliation. So we need to turn around and get off this road ASAP.

Yours in haste.


Kevin Grimstad said...

Nicely put. Your explanation is much appreciated.

Also, your title for your post reminds me of this:

Keep rocking the Twin Cities.

jasmine tea said...

Ha! I know that song. Suffice it to say some of my siblings grew up on Veggie Tales and a lot of the tunes are catchy. :D I hope I don't come off that way to people, though I know better than to expect it.

Thanks, Kevin.

Kevin Grimstad said...

Trust me, you don't come off as a cold, aloof asaparagal. :)