Thursday, June 9, 2011

my avian visitor

See that dark shadow behind the window? I was making dinner the other night, chopping up some red pepper, when I heard a scritch-scratch and noticed it moving along the outside of my window. Honestly, my first thought was, "what, a mouse?! Impossible!"

Then the shadow turned its head so I could see the profile-- and the unmistakable beak.

"Aha!" thought I. "My friends the grumpy birds are back!"

And I went on chopping that pepper, and the bird went on hopping up and down that windowsill.

I wondered if I dare try to snap his picture. Every time I open the front door, some bird or other flies off in a tizzy, so I knew I had to be very quiet about it. I grabbed my camera, removed the cap, turned it on, and set it to Auto, then tiptoed toward the door, which I edged open ever so slowly. I was outside! And the grumpy bird was still on my windowsill.

One shot. A dud, all out of focus.
One more. Success!!
And Mr. Grumpy flew away into the dusk.

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