Monday, October 4, 2010

your game face

We've all made a face like this cat's once in a while. Well, the nice thing about most faces is that they have such a wide range of expression. Things would be dull if all we had to show the world was a sentimental and saccharine smile.

It was a long Monday for me, so after dinner and some knitting I took a walk down by the harbor. Even though I am doing aerobics every weekday morning and starting strength training once a week, I think the occasional walk is a good change of pace. I read that slow-paced exercise, like walking, makes your muscles use a higher proportion of fat for fuel (as opposed to more glycogen/carbohydrates).

Be that as it may, I also like walking outside because of the ever-changing colors and smells, and because it seems to be the most natural use of one's body. Think about it. If all a body did was a proportionately small amount of explosive activity followed by long stretches of sitting and then lying down, something is clearly off-balance. It may not be possible to have an office job and a perfectly active lifestyle, but taking a 40-minute walk a few times a week can only be an improvement, I think.

It certainly improves one's mood. Not excessively, like some fake infomercial happiness, but nicely, just the right amount to bring one back into balance with everything.

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