Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plans for Golden Week

If you live in Japan, what are you doing for Golden Week?


It's coming up fast. I hadn't made any plans, because you'd have to be desperate and insane to go traveling during one of the few times in the year when every other person in Japan feels liberated to see the sights.

But I felt a twinge of regret. Then a surge of audacity! The call of the open skies!

I could take that trip to Australia I've always wanted.... or to Alaska... or.. or...

Filled with the feeling of possibilities, I went so far as to hunt down airfares from various websites and travel companies.

And then the dream was over.


Golden Week is one of the most expensive times to travel in or out of Japan.

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Sue said...

Indeed! Two of my nieces are getting married in May, one at the tail end of Golden Week, and one at the very end of the month. We just can't afford all the air tickets and staying for three weeks in between weddings, so we're sending some nice presents instead. It's kind of sad, but really, why couldn't they have gotten married in February? Tickets are so much cheaper then ;o).

So, we will be heading up to the cabin as usual. I imagine we will be leaving in the middle of the night to beat the traffic - going and coming back!