Sunday, June 28, 2009

hiking and cabin-camping!

Yesterday, three friends and I started a 'camping experience' we'd been planning for a few weeks, well, since working together at the May Basket Matsuri. We decided to first climb the trails to the lighthouse and check out the small rocky beaches en route. By the time we were done with this it was past 3pm and time to check in at our cabin in the mountains!

It was overcast, but warm and humid, and we all worked up quite a sweat, and were thankful that the blazing sun was not out to bear down on us, too.

We spent the evening making lunch/dinner, eating together, walking around the cabin area, playing cards (and having way too much fun slapping doubles!), reading/napping, and talking till late at night.

I had to get up rather early to get out to church on time, but that was no problem with the fast-rising summer sun; I got up around 6:30. The others were all still asleep as I got ready to go, but I snapped a few shots of the amazing sea-and-sky at about 7am and got on the road. It was a lovely time for a drive.

Being up so high, and close to the windmills, we were surprised and delighted to see how quick-moving and beautiful the clouds were; some of them blew into our cabin through open windows and cooled it down nicely. It started raining quite hard at about 11pm, but the morning was as glorious a morning as you could ask for!

It was a great weekend. :)

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Sue said...

Those pictures are breathtaking! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend.